Design and engineering

The typical scope of provided project and engineering services includes parts listed below.
Our in-house multidisciplinary engineering team is able to prepare the complete design of the project, i.e. Conceptual Design and Feasibility study, FEED Study (Front End Engineering Design), Basic Design, Detail Design (also selected Manufacturing documentation) and As-Built documentation. In case of
specific requirements, we will be pleased to offer you tailor-made solutions.

  • Process
    • Mass and flow balances
    • Flow Diagrams (PFD’s & P&ID’s)
    • Process Control Philosophy
    • Process Simulations
    • Line Sizing
    • Equipment List
    • Line List
    • Process input to Equipment Data Sheets
    • Safety Equipment Specification
  • Piping / Mechanical / HVAC
    • Piping Line Class Specification
    • PDS 3D Modeling
    • Valve Specifications & Schedule
    • Insulating Specification
    • Piping Stress Analysis
    • Piping system specialty item specs
    • Spring hanger schedule & specs
    • Equipment Layout
    • Equipment datasheets
    • Equipment detail drawings
    • Piping Plan & Sections
    • Piping support location plan
    • Piping support details
    • Piping Isometrics
    • HVAC Layouts
  • Civil / Structural
    • Site Survey
    • Geological survey and geotechnical assessment
    • Layouts of industrial complexes (“generel”)
    • Building Superstructure Design
    • Foundations Design
    • Concrete steel structures design and reinforcement drawings
    • Structural steel design and detailing
    • Design of roads and paved areas
    • Surface Drainage
    • Piping bridges, supports
    • Heating, ventilation, air-conditioning
    • Lightning, grounding, lightning-rods
    • Oily Water Separators
    • Effluent Treatment Tanks
    • Security Fencing and Gates
    • Underground channels and gullies
  • Electrical
    • Load Flow / Short Circuit Calculation
    • Transient Stability Studies
    • Dynamic Performance study
    • Harmonic distortion study
    • Protection co-ordination study
    • Transformer load calculations
    • Switching procedures
    • Switchgear & distribution loading calculations
    • Cable sizing calculations
    • DC & AC UPS load calculations
    • Standby Generator load calculations
    • Cable schedules
    • Electrical equipment & material specifications
    • Overall area classification
    • Single line diagrams
    • Schematic diagrams
    • Interface diagrams
    • Protection & metering diagrams
    • SCADA block diagrams
    • Electrical control & monitoring block diagrams
    • Specifications of machines and devices
    • Transformer (switchgear) layout
    • Grounding & lightning protection
    • Cable routing drawings
    • Cable rack & cable tray routing drawings
    • Lighting calculations & layouts
  • Instrumentation & Control
    • Control system network diagram
    • Telecom & Public address system block diagram
    • Control & Instrument design specification
    • Emergency shutdown system philosophy
    • Overall area classification
    • Instrument Index
    • Alarm and Trip setting lists
    • Instrument data sheets
    • Cable block diagrams
    • Junction Box / cabinet schedule & details
    • Instrument loop diagrams
    • Cable / Termination schedules
    • Control room layouts
    • Device location plans (all systems)
    • I/O Schedules (DCS, ESD, Fire & Gas)
    • Equipment & System specification for DCS
    • ESD, Fire & Gas, Telecoms & Public address
    • Instruments specification
    • Instrument air location panels
    • Instrument hook up details
    • Cable & tray routing layouts (all systems)
    • Mounting & installation instructions
  • Safety & Environment Systems
    • HAZOP Study
    • Hazardous Area Classification
    • Escape Route Drawings
    • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
    • Risk Analysis
    • Procedures For The Handling Of Hazardous Chemicals
    • Fire Risk Analysis
    • Fire Protection Philosophy
    • Fire Fighting System Design
    • Access Plan (Scaffolding & Platforms)
    • Safety Equipment Specifications
    • Safety Equipment Location Plan

EPCM (Engineering, Procurement, Construction)

We realize projects in the form of turnkey deliveries (EPCM - engineering, procurement, construction, management) – where we are responsible for all activities; from complex analysis, design preparation, realization up to commissioning and handover of the project to the End-User or Owner.

Local authority permits

We offer valuable services related to obtaining local authorities permits, from building permits up to final certificates (“kolaudacia”).

  • Obtaining statements and decisions of Slovak authorities
    • Territory permits
    • Building permits
    • Integrated permits (IPKZ)
    • Temporary operating permits
    • Final operating permits
  • Obtaining certificates of products
    • Conformity assessment
    • Final certificates (“kolaudacia”)


Complex services in the procurement area has been in our portfolio for several years. Over this time we have gained extensive knowledge of the market.

We check our vendors on a regular basis, which ensures timely deliveries of high-quality equipment and materials. We provide also the transportation of goods from the manufacturing place directly to construction site. Consequently, we make an inspection of all delivered equipment, materials, or other goods and ensure their proper storage.

  • Procurement services
    • RFQ’s Preparation
    • Tendering
    • Technical and Commercial Bid Analysis
    • Placement of Purchase Orders and Subcontracts
    • Administration of Purchase Orders and Subcontracts
    • Vendor Document Expediting
    • Expediting Materials and Equipment Deliveries
    • Inspection and Release of Equipment and Materials
    • Logistics and Transportation
    • Warehouse Management & Material Control

Construction management

You can rely on our complex services from project concept through realization up to its commissioning. Construction management services start with construction feasibility studies and detailed planning of on-site activities.

Our experienced staff collaborates with verified and reliable subcontractors. We are glad to deliver safe projects of outstanding quality.

In the area of construction management we provide below mentioned services.

  • Construction management services
    • Safety Management
    • QA/QC Supervising and Implementation
    • Field Engineering
    • Construction Planning
    • Material Planning & Control
    • Work Package Execution
    • Project Control & Monitoring
    • “As Built “ mark up
    • Field Construction

Project Management

We provide project management services, which include project concept, project documentation, procurement, construction, commissioning and project completion.

We pay special attention to proper planning, monitoring of progress and cost control. HSE and quality are our top priorities.

  • Project management services
    • Client Interface and Reporting
    • Quality Assurance of Deliverables
    • Risk Management
    • Cost Control
    • Planning
    • Discipline Interface Management
    • Resource Management
    • Change Control
    • Contract Administration
  • Project management tools
    • Planning in Primavera and MS Project
    • Document Control Register
    • SPIN
    • Project Management System
    • Document Management System
    • Tailor-made Databases and Software Solutions